Gummy Bear Popsicles

popsicles fun kids summer yummy surprise gummy bears low calorie goodness

What you need to make unique, fun, popsicles! Pretty Simple.. that AND a popsicle mould, clean, empty pudding cups, popsicle sticks, something to freeze your yummy popsicles into.

If you’re anything like me… buy the gummy bears the DAY you plan on making these, luckily I bought wayyyy too much, because i probably ate 1/2 the bag the days leading up to making these popsicles

gummy bear popsicles fun kids summer outdoors cool off surprise diet pop low calorie

So easy! pour in your pop about 1/2 way, place a few gummies per spot, ours only fit 2-3, top up with additional pop and VOILA! once frozen, they are COMPLETE! They were wonderfully delicious and enjoyed by my school aged son and his friends


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